How to setup a custom FaceTime email id

So, FaceTime is kind of the 2013 version of Skype. Of course, it’s different from Skype in a lot of aspects, but what it technically does is, as you might already know, lets you chat with the person that the other end, on video.

It was launched around  2013, officially for the OS and Macintosh operating system.  So, that’s what I am centralizing this piece about, on how to initiate a FaceTime with someone on Mac, & create a custom Facetime E-mail for you.

How to setup a custom FaceTime email id

You have to launch the Facetime, in order to initiate a FaceTime with any person around the globe.

  1. So, do so either from the doc or by going to your applications folder.
  1. You should be getting all the persons available for FaceTime, on the right side pane of the face time window, so click on the name of the person to initiate the FaceTime with them.
  2. Clicking on the name of the person, FaceTime will send him or her a notification asking if they want to connect to you on FaceTime, they will have to accept the invitation in order for the FaceTime connection to be successful.
  3.  Once they accept the invitation you can start Facetiming with the person in real time.

You can also set custom FaceTime numbers and email ids, so that you can be connected via them when someone wants to connect with you on FaceTime.

So let’s talk about, how to setup a custom FaceTime email id in order to initiate a FaceTime conversation with someone

  1. Tap on the settings option of your iPhone.
  2. Click on FaceTime, because that is the application we are going to change the settings for.
  3. You should see an option saying “ add another Email”,  well yes that is the option you need to tap on in order to add one more email id to your FaceTime account.
  4. And then finally, tap on the return button.

Of course, you need to verify the email address you just set with apple. A lot of times, some third person might set up an email id, and try to associate it with your account, that is why the security precaution of the verification emails from Apple is sent to you.

So, make sure you check your e-mail right away, and confirm the verification email so that Apple knows it was you who actually set the second email ID for the FaceTime account.

So that was it folks, I think this should have answered your queries on how to initiate a FaceTime conversation with someone, how to setup a custom FaceTime email ID, right?