How to transfer data between two laptops using WiFi?

We find file transfer between smart phones so tedious and time consuming. Just imagine if we have to share files between laptops. On laptops, we probably have larger files ranging from 1 to many GBs.There are many ways to complete this task. We can connect both devices using Wi-fi. But again, it is a long process to connect both laptops on Wi-fi using laptop settings.


But there is one solution to all these problems. Applications! Yes, we can use apps to transfer larger files between two laptops using Wi-fi. These apps work faster and easier to use. An average can easily connect two laptops on Wi-fi using these apps. These apps are free to download and easy to use. Perfectly serve the purpose. Around 2GB files can be transferred in just two minutes. That is really fast.

The apps used for file transfer between two laptops include, Shareit, Xender and Zapya,

Here I have listed down all necessary steps needed for file transfer.

Shareit App:

Shareit is the latest file transfer app in the market. It is highly efficient and effective. Lenovo is behind this amazing app. It has removed the need of USB cables or Bluetooth for sending files. It is compatible with most of the devices like PC, (Click here to download SHAREit for PC) Laptop, tablet and smart phones. Secondly, it supports all the operating systems like Windows, MAC OS and Linux. The most amazing feature is transfer over different platforms. Before Shareit, no one ever thought about sending files from a Windows PC to MAC book.

Check below the steps needed to transfer files using wifi between two laptops.

  • Obviously you need to install Shareit app on both laptops.
  • Open Shareit on sending device. Choose the option of “Send”.
  • The next thing to do it choosing the files you want to send to other laptop.
  • Once you have selected all the files you want to send, now click on “Next”.
  • Now App on first laptop will search for nearby Laptop with Shareit App.
  • On receiver laptop, click on the “Receive”.
  • Now second laptop will be shown on first laptop. Click on the receiving device and your files will start transferring to second laptop.
  • That’s it! You are done!

You will find Shareit high performance app. Within a short time frame, this app gained so much popularity due to its faster speed and efficient working. Don’t forget about the cross platform file transfer.

Top Bluetooth File Transfer Apps For Android

The file transfer process has always been an ordeal for anyone. Today, Android is the most popular operating system in the world so does Android smart phones. The majority of people prefers Android phones over other mobiles. The obvious reason is the low cost.

Presently, these smart phones are equipped with cutting edge storage cards. That’s why you able to save playlists of songs and movies in your mobiles. But nightmare comes, when you need to transfer these files between two devices.

Yeah in market, latest file transfer apps is available that uses Wifi technology. It is fast and efficient. But still there are some smart phones with an older version of Android. These Wifi apps cannot run on those smart phones. So how you will transfer files? Something old clicked. Bluetooth!!

Again Bluetooth is slower medium. Well, there are many Android apps that use Bluetooth for file transfer. In this way the process of file transfer becomes faster than usual.

In this post, best Bluetooth file transfer apps have been discussed.

Bluetooth File Transfer:


Bluetooth file transfer is the most popular sharing app. As the name suggests, it uses Bluetooth for sending files like images, songs or videos. Anyone can download this for free. It supports all versions of Android. Around 10 million people use this app. This number justifies its significance.

Bluetooth File Share:


Like first one, Bluetooth File Share uses Bluetooth technology for file transfer. You can share your favorite images or songs with your friends using this app. It is freely available on Google Play Store. This app arranges your files category wise. Your contacts and applications can be backed up using this manager.Around 500 k users have installed this app.

Astro Bluetooth Module:


It is another important Bluetooth app. It has the function of backing up your installed apps. FTP protocol is used to transfer the files between Android devices. It also acts App manager. You can control your tasks and files using this app. 5 million people have installed this app.

Bluetooth App Sender:


Bluetooth App Sender is lighter version app. It is free to use and available on Google Play Store. You can backup your installed apps using this application. With this app, you can share your data on social media like Gmail and Facebook too. Till date, around  one million users have installed this app. This totally supports its popularity.