ShowBox Apk and Its Best Alternatives

Movie streaming applications are a new trend in the digital market today, they allow you to watch unlimited free movies, tv shows, news, trailers etc on your small screen. The biggest benefit of having movie apps on your gadget is, the streaming and downloading becomes easy and simple at same time.


Rather than navigating the whole internet looking for a video link to download, movie streaming applications provide you all the possible links available on the app itself. You don’t have to search for new websites, movies etc on random sites.

The list of the movie applications is to long to discuss thus, we have got a list to top 4 movie streaming applications which will surely make your work easier than ever. So let’s see which one suits you.

Top 4 movie streaming applications

  • ShowBox Apk

Showbox.apk movie app lets you download unlimited movies, tv series, news, trailers and music as well. It ShowBox has a simple user interface and amazing helping of features for example, ChromeCast support for casting movies on television screen, language and subtitles choice, trustable movie links, download and stream any video you like, bookmark your favorite movie or tv series for future reference, filter your search by genre, release date and year.

Price: Free

Availability: Android, Kindle, Blackberry, iOS, Windows

  1. Terrarium Tv

Terrarium Tv has just entered in the market and yet it is winning hearts of many. Terrarium Tv has a gothic and unique user interface, easy to search option, trustable links, 15 plus language and subtitles to choose from and ChromeCast facility. Terrarium Tv’s greatest strength comes from its links imported directly from Google Drive. It can give the best downloading speed and a variety of resolutions to follow.

Price: Free

Availability: Android

  1. NetFlix

NetFlix is a pioneer application and yet fights through all the competition in one go. The application and website of NetFlix has a wonderful user interface and on top basic features like quick menu, search, latest release, trending, genres, filter by, bookmark & subscription status. Yes you heard right NetFlix charges you a subscription of minimum $9 per month. Through this subscription you can download stuff, get easy access of nive video quality and better video links to stream. I guess the subscription is worth paying of.

Price: $9 per month

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, Kindle

  1. CinemaBox HD

CinemaBox HD previously known as PlayBox HD has an amazing list of follows by now. With same quality and quantity as NetFlix or Showbox Apk, CinemaBox has gained a lot of popularity in  avery short duration of time. CinemaBox HD is yet another application which is only created for Android users (sorry for Windows & iOS users). It provides you all the basic features of a movie streaming application without fail. You can enjoy the app for free on your Android gadgets.

Price: Free

Availability: Android

Wrap up

These 4 movie streaming application are the best in the market for now. The list keeps shuffling due to new entries and their performance level. These apps don’t need any subscriptions excluding NetFlix and you can enjoy most of the application without any disturbance or errors for now. Advertisements are inevitable with these applications, there are quite a few of them which can irritate you but as usual we don’t have a choice!


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