Use Hike without Data Connection

With blesses of the over the top players our social lives have gone easier than before. Being connected to a good data plan, you can text anyone, send pictures and videos instantly. It’s time to stretch the technology further beyond. Hike has introduced an unbelievable feature that enabled users use this awesome instant messaging service even without internet!

You can send texts and share files without spending your data plan. It’s simple and easy to get hooked. Just go through the steps mentioned below and start using Hike for free. Get your friends and family members on Hike today and start saving data. It’s very useful when you go out of internet connection due to the mobile frequency disturbance.


How to Use Hike without Data

The name of this feature is “Hike Direct”. Using this new feature Hike users can get on the board and can set themselves free for messaging.

  1. Launch Hike in your smartphone and select any of the chats on chat board. There will be a “three dots” menu on the right top. By tapping on that a menu with some options is revealed.
  2. There will be an option – “Hike Direct”. That is the thing you need to use Hike without net connection and to be on for all gossips going around.
  3. The friend whom you want to chat with, he/she must be synced in Hike also. Otherwise you can’t avail this. If you are messaging in a group, at least one member should be online for that. This feature hits classroom chats with a bang and has taken it to a new dimension.
  4. Once connected….BOOOMMM….now you can share files and can chat with friends anytime. Stay connected with texts, you can send funny pics, emojis and videos etc. In one line there is no bar at all. What you are able to do with data connection, you can do the almost same thing without that. Stretch your legs and relax as you don’t have to be abandoned in group chat even if you don’t have a data connection active!


Limitation: There is a limitation in using this free service. Once connected. You will be able to chat and more and that is also without internet but it’s limited within 100 meter range.

This is a kick ass way to connect with class mates and friends within campus. Never miss the campus chitchat from now. Enjoy messaging on Hike.