Get the latest update about Terrarium TV Apk vs ShowBox Apk

The first thing that comes to one’s mind when one thinks about streaming movies is having to browse several websites to find one website which doesn’t need you to sign up, pay to subscribe or just proves to be a dead end. But all of that is a thing of the past if you have Terrarium TV app on your Android smartphone. With barely any effort at all, you can watch not just the latest movies, but also TV Shows, documentaries and other video entertainment.

Terrarium TV has entered the genre fairly recently, but it is already beating movie streaming legends such as ShowBox. The app’s content library is easily the biggest in the entire genre. Then, there are different resolutions, sources and movie watching options for each piece of content on the app. Watch by streaming, or download the movie for later. It makes entertainment pretty easy.

Showbox Vs Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV stands out in the crowd of movie streaming apps due to its many virtues. There’s the fact that Terrarium TV is the first to get you the latest movies and TV shows, the latter being made available almost simultaneously with them being aired on TV. The picture quality is visibly marked, so you don’t have to bear with CAM prints when you don’t want to. Terrarium TV also has the file size marked with the link, which comes in handy when you’re trying to budget your internet plan or only have a slow speed WiFi connection at your disposal.

There’s several genres of content on the app too. There are the usual categories of action, adventure, drama, horror and thrillers. To add to them, we have categories like 4K for UHD movies, Sci-Fi, Musical and also categories for animation. They even divided the common fare by production houses or company brands, such as Marvel and Disney, both of which categories contain the best entertainment anywhere on the internet.


Terrarium TV app is available for Android devices primarily. It comes as an apk file. It isn’t available on the Play Store or other big stores, but the apk file itself is available freely on the internet. Once downloaded, one need only enable Unknown Sources from their device’s security settings. Running the apk file will install the app after you agree to the permissions the app cites. The entire process takes hardly 2 minutes, but there are hours you can easily kill with the entertainment available on this app.

Most recent Blackberry devices (BB OS 10.2.1 and above) are also enabled to install apk files, which means they can run the app as well. Unfortunately, iOS users cannot. The only good alternative I can think of for iOS users is MovieBox app, which can be installed through vShare application. It’s not half as amazing as Terrarium TV, but then the app hardly has a competition from Android apps as well.

I hope this helps you know a little more about how amazing Terrarium TV app is. You should try installing it on your devices and using it, and then do let me know what you think of it. I’ll be happy to read your thoughts in the comments below.

Top 5 Fitness Apps to stay in shape

Almost everyone has become health-conscious these days. Various technologies have emerged in the recent years which can be easily integrated with our fitness regime. With the availability of a vast number of several fitness apps available in the market, it becomes a difficult task to select the best one. Here is a list of the top 5 fitness apps to stay in shape.


This app provides features that help you to track eating habits. You can enter the product from the company’s extensive database, or you can directly scan the barcode of the product. It keeps a record of your calorie count and suggests daily nutrition intake. It can sync with other fitness trackers like Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, Under Armour, Misfit, Polar and Withings; it can also sync with popular apps like Strava, MapMyRun, and RunKeeper. It is free to use and comes with an optional premium subscription to avail advanced features. It is available on various iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Jawbone UP

This app tracks your activities like distance, steps, and calories burned using your Android device or iPhone. The best element of this application is the smart coach and personalized feedback. It motivates you to accomplish your fitness goals. It also tracks your mood, food and drinking habit, and it facilitates the creation of teams to compete with other people. It can connect with many other popular apps such as RunKeeper, Strava, MyFitnessPal, Nest, IFTTT, and others. It also provides sleep tracking. It can be downloaded for free. It is compatible with any Android, iOS and Windows device.


Fitbit is free to download, but you need to become a premium member to avail extra features and feedback on your tasks. Its sleep tracking feature requires a wristband fitness tracker. It helps you to track your activities by using your smartphone. It can help you to keep an account of your food intake, daily weight, and water consumption. But the best feature is it allows you to compete with friends. Competing with colleagues and friends will keep you motivated to reach your goals. It is quite popular amongst fitness enthusiasts as it is compatible with any iOS, Android or Windows Phone.


Though it is free to download, you can also avail its premium membership to access its additional insights. It is available only on iOS and Android devices. It maintains a running/ cycling log and tracks your activities. It offers a “Segments” feature that displays a comparison between you and other users on certain stretches of road. It is compatible with numerous devices and services. It can connect with devices containing TomTom, Polar, Fitbit, Garmin, Timex, and more.


Fitocracy is accessible on iOS and Android devices. It can be downloaded for free and comes with a premium subscription which enables you access to extra features like a personal trainer.You can create your personalized and custom workout plan with the help of the extensive and massive exercise database of the company. It is unique because of its game-like interface. It provides experience points for every successful workout, and you can unlock achievements, complete challenges or raise your level.

These apps make fitness fun. You can achieve your health goals with help from these fitness apps.

ShowBox Apk and Its Best Alternatives

Movie streaming applications are a new trend in the digital market today, they allow you to watch unlimited free movies, tv shows, news, trailers etc on your small screen. The biggest benefit of having movie apps on your gadget is, the streaming and downloading becomes easy and simple at same time.


Rather than navigating the whole internet looking for a video link to download, movie streaming applications provide you all the possible links available on the app itself. You don’t have to search for new websites, movies etc on random sites.

The list of the movie applications is to long to discuss thus, we have got a list to top 4 movie streaming applications which will surely make your work easier than ever. So let’s see which one suits you.

Top 4 movie streaming applications

  • ShowBox Apk

Showbox.apk movie app lets you download unlimited movies, tv series, news, trailers and music as well. It ShowBox has a simple user interface and amazing helping of features for example, ChromeCast support for casting movies on television screen, language and subtitles choice, trustable movie links, download and stream any video you like, bookmark your favorite movie or tv series for future reference, filter your search by genre, release date and year.

Price: Free

Availability: Android, Kindle, Blackberry, iOS, Windows

  1. Terrarium Tv

Terrarium Tv has just entered in the market and yet it is winning hearts of many. Terrarium Tv has a gothic and unique user interface, easy to search option, trustable links, 15 plus language and subtitles to choose from and ChromeCast facility. Terrarium Tv’s greatest strength comes from its links imported directly from Google Drive. It can give the best downloading speed and a variety of resolutions to follow.

Price: Free

Availability: Android

  1. NetFlix

NetFlix is a pioneer application and yet fights through all the competition in one go. The application and website of NetFlix has a wonderful user interface and on top basic features like quick menu, search, latest release, trending, genres, filter by, bookmark & subscription status. Yes you heard right NetFlix charges you a subscription of minimum $9 per month. Through this subscription you can download stuff, get easy access of nive video quality and better video links to stream. I guess the subscription is worth paying of.

Price: $9 per month

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, Kindle

  1. CinemaBox HD

CinemaBox HD previously known as PlayBox HD has an amazing list of follows by now. With same quality and quantity as NetFlix or Showbox Apk, CinemaBox has gained a lot of popularity in  avery short duration of time. CinemaBox HD is yet another application which is only created for Android users (sorry for Windows & iOS users). It provides you all the basic features of a movie streaming application without fail. You can enjoy the app for free on your Android gadgets.

Price: Free

Availability: Android

Wrap up

These 4 movie streaming application are the best in the market for now. The list keeps shuffling due to new entries and their performance level. These apps don’t need any subscriptions excluding NetFlix and you can enjoy most of the application without any disturbance or errors for now. Advertisements are inevitable with these applications, there are quite a few of them which can irritate you but as usual we don’t have a choice!


5+ Free Apps For Watching Streaming Movies And TV Shows

Install and Run Playview App on Windows

Playview is a live streaming app which has gained popularity very quickly among android users because of its large inventory of features. playview-download

You can watch thousands of videos for free online using Playview. The app is so popular that millions of android users are using it worldwide despite the fact that it’s not even available on play store yet.

So today we have brought you a guide on downloading Playview app for windows Phone. Here is how you can download Playview on windows phone-

Playview for Windows phone – Installation guide

Playview has a large list of features. It contains thousands of movies for you to watch online for free. Not only that you can also watch all episodes of many different TV serials through this app.

You can also download any video in the HD quality and make your own video collection. But it doesn’t stop just there, it has many more features which make you fall in love with this awesome app.

That’s why Windows Phone users have been asking it’s developers to launch a version of Playview app on windows.

However till now there is no permanent solution available for using this app on windows that’s why we have brought you a list of Playview Alternatives for Windows

Playview Alternatives for Windows Phone

1. Crackle – Crackle is the highest rated windows application for watching online movies. It had hundreds of different movies and TV shows which will keep you busy for a long time.

2. Film spot – Film spot is another one of Playview alternatives for Windows Phone. What we liked about this app is that you do not need to sign up or do any other activity before watching movies. You can just download the app and start watching your favorite movies in no time.

3. Netflix – Netflix has the largest collection of videos that can be watched online. The online streaming service has become so popular that studios have started making shows exclusively for Netflix only.

However the application is not free and you’ll have to pay a monthly fee to watch movies over Netflix. That’s why many people don’t consider this as a true Playview alternative.

4. Flixster – Flixster is one of the most popular movie related app all over the world. It contains latest information about movies like their release date, casting and more. You can also watch trailers of upcoming movies on it.

After talk

These were the best live streaming apps we could find for windows Phone. If you know any better application which can be used to watch online videos on windows then do let us know about it in the comments section.

Tubemate apk – YouTube video downloader

TubeMate is an application that allow users to download movies and videos from YouTube. Of course, there are many more apps like this. According to my research I find this app very attractive by its wonderful features. You can search for new songs, beneficial videos, movies, download multi – videos in the background, share your download list, resume downloading whenever you want, you can also convert video into Mp3 audio. These are one of the best features that you won’t get in any other app.

Although, it really plays a significant role in helping us to download videos and movies, ironically it is not supported by Google Play store. For this reason some of the people don’t even know about it. But here I have got you some solutions, where you can download Tubemate directly into your smartphones or for that matter into your PC’s. So, lets have a look into it…

TubeMate Apk – For android users only

Though, Google does not support Tubemate or any other Youtube videos or movie downloader apps on play store, it is widely available on internet that is regularly updated. Tubemate is available on DailyMotion, Viemo and facebook. You can always download this app according your preferences i.e. it is your choice to install or uninstall the application. There are no commitments, no restrictions. It covers limited space in your phone or PC, no doubt it works so well.


TubeMate APK – for PC

Apart from Android, you can always download Tubemate on your PC. As we all have the habit to watch videos and movies on laptops or computer for better resolution, therefore, downloading Tubemate in laptops would be a better idea. Windows again does not support youtube downloader. For this reason, users have to run a mock android system on their computer systems through different emulators.

There are various emulators available in the digital market today, according to me BlueStacks and Andy are the best. Easy to download and user friendly with amazing graphics. Once you are done with downloading emulator, the next step is to download Tubemate in any of the emulator. Now, you are ready to download any video or movie within seconds, that too for free.


Now, you don’t have to play those transferring games with your computer and mobile. Just copy the URL in Tubemate and save the video or movie for lifetime. It would be better if you use Tubemate on your LAN connection, as it does uses some amount of data. Using Tubemate on data card can reduce its speed and can create fuss for you.

I hope I have made your digital life a little bit easier. For any suggestions or queries please feel free to write your comments below. I would love read them. Thank you !







How to setup a custom FaceTime email id

So, FaceTime is kind of the 2013 version of Skype. Of course, it’s different from Skype in a lot of aspects, but what it technically does is, as you might already know, lets you chat with the person that the other end, on video.

It was launched around  2013, officially for the OS and Macintosh operating system.  So, that’s what I am centralizing this piece about, on how to initiate a FaceTime with someone on Mac, & create a custom Facetime E-mail for you.

How to setup a custom FaceTime email id

You have to launch the Facetime, in order to initiate a FaceTime with any person around the globe.

  1. So, do so either from the doc or by going to your applications folder.
  1. You should be getting all the persons available for FaceTime, on the right side pane of the face time window, so click on the name of the person to initiate the FaceTime with them.
  2. Clicking on the name of the person, FaceTime will send him or her a notification asking if they want to connect to you on FaceTime, they will have to accept the invitation in order for the FaceTime connection to be successful.
  3.  Once they accept the invitation you can start Facetiming with the person in real time.

You can also set custom FaceTime numbers and email ids, so that you can be connected via them when someone wants to connect with you on FaceTime.

So let’s talk about, how to setup a custom FaceTime email id in order to initiate a FaceTime conversation with someone

  1. Tap on the settings option of your iPhone.
  2. Click on FaceTime, because that is the application we are going to change the settings for.
  3. You should see an option saying “ add another Email”,  well yes that is the option you need to tap on in order to add one more email id to your FaceTime account.
  4. And then finally, tap on the return button.

Of course, you need to verify the email address you just set with apple. A lot of times, some third person might set up an email id, and try to associate it with your account, that is why the security precaution of the verification emails from Apple is sent to you.

So, make sure you check your e-mail right away, and confirm the verification email so that Apple knows it was you who actually set the second email ID for the FaceTime account.

So that was it folks, I think this should have answered your queries on how to initiate a FaceTime conversation with someone, how to setup a custom FaceTime email ID, right?

Use Hike without Data Connection

With blesses of the over the top players our social lives have gone easier than before. Being connected to a good data plan, you can text anyone, send pictures and videos instantly. It’s time to stretch the technology further beyond. Hike has introduced an unbelievable feature that enabled users use this awesome instant messaging service even without internet!

You can send texts and share files without spending your data plan. It’s simple and easy to get hooked. Just go through the steps mentioned below and start using Hike for free. Get your friends and family members on Hike today and start saving data. It’s very useful when you go out of internet connection due to the mobile frequency disturbance.


How to Use Hike without Data

The name of this feature is “Hike Direct”. Using this new feature Hike users can get on the board and can set themselves free for messaging.

  1. Launch Hike in your smartphone and select any of the chats on chat board. There will be a “three dots” menu on the right top. By tapping on that a menu with some options is revealed.
  2. There will be an option – “Hike Direct”. That is the thing you need to use Hike without net connection and to be on for all gossips going around.
  3. The friend whom you want to chat with, he/she must be synced in Hike also. Otherwise you can’t avail this. If you are messaging in a group, at least one member should be online for that. This feature hits classroom chats with a bang and has taken it to a new dimension.
  4. Once connected….BOOOMMM….now you can share files and can chat with friends anytime. Stay connected with texts, you can send funny pics, emojis and videos etc. In one line there is no bar at all. What you are able to do with data connection, you can do the almost same thing without that. Stretch your legs and relax as you don’t have to be abandoned in group chat even if you don’t have a data connection active!


Limitation: There is a limitation in using this free service. Once connected. You will be able to chat and more and that is also without internet but it’s limited within 100 meter range.

This is a kick ass way to connect with class mates and friends within campus. Never miss the campus chitchat from now. Enjoy messaging on Hike.

Infographic: 27 Movies that No MAN Should Miss

27 Movies Every Man Needs to See

So, what are you waiting for, these are the most watched men movies till now. You can watch them with your friends, girlfriend or family. You can even watch these movies online with apps like showbox,movie hd and vidmate. My personal favorite app to watch movies in HD is Vidmate App. It’s freaking fast and lets you download the movies while you watch. It is available for android, ios and computer. So, next time you go for a tour just install vidmate app and watch your favorite movie (mine is Hangover) while travelling.  Here is the link to download vidmate app.

Please share which movie did you watch in the comments section. Till then, Good Bye. 🙂

Download SHAREit for PC – Windows 10, 8.1,7 and XP

Hi friends, today I am gonna introduce an amazing file transfer app. Admit it, no one wants to waste a lot of time for data transfer. Data transfer is the key part of any smart device. In fact, the major reason to own a smart device is the data. There was time, when you could store a limited amount of data on any device. But now with a rapidly changing environment, you can download and store tons of bits in one single device.


In old times, users would use Bluetooth and USB cables for data transfer. But now these two methods are ancient ones. Let me introduce the premium data transfer app which has reshaped the way of sharing data. I am talking about Shareit App.

Since the day one, Shareit has created a lot of buzz in the tech world. Tech maniacs just loved the app. Because with USB cables and Bluetooth, you can send small files easily. But just imagine you have to share an HD video with your friend, Bluetooth will take time like forever.

In this situation, Shareit app is the great solution. First of all, it is much faster than Bluetooth. Precisely, it works 200 times faster than Bluetooth. You can send any type of data with Shareit app. For example, HD videos, songs, images, documents, presentations and much more. Within a few seconds, your files will be transferred to the other device.

Shareit uses wi-fi technology, that’s why it is much faster than Bluetooth.

Shareit is supported by all major devices like smartphones, tablet, computers and laptops. All operating systems have the capability of running this app. The best part I personally love about Shareit is cross platform sharing. Before Shareit, I could not find any suitable app that will allow me to share data between Windows and Mac device. This was only possible with Shareit.

In Shareit was presented as an Android. But due to its popularity, developers make versions for all devices and operating systems.

Like other apps, you don’t have to install an Android emulator on your Windows PC. Shareit is available for PC too. You just simply need to download and install the app.

Here I have listed down the simple steps to install Shareit on Windows PC.

  • Simply click on this link to download the setup file of Shareit.
  • Once setup is downloaded, open the file.
  • Follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Now simply share the data with any device using Shareit!